Detox Journey - The End of Week One

I finished week one!  

Sorry didn't mean to leave any of you in the dark. I thought reporting daily was going to be just a bit... bland, so I decided not to update every day.

I finished week one at an even 131 pounds. That is down 4 lbs 4 oz of my starting weight. Not too shabby. It's better than the typical 2 lb weight loss per week, but not as strong as the hopeful 7 lbs this plan suggested could be possible to lose in the first week.

I have been faithful to the menu plan every day except yesterday, Saturday the 1st of March. I had my morning shake and then held a cooking class in the morning.  After class ended, I got busy cleaning up and chatting and skipped lunch.  I know, I know, I shouldn't have skipped. I warned you that lunch would be my biggest obstacle and it has proved to be true. I did snack on carrots and roasted red pepper hummus, (a recipe in the book)  later that afternoon and finished strong with a Kale and White Bean soup last night. Yesterday started week 2 of this journey. 

I started exercising this past week also. Just 15 minutes a day, working out to JJ Virgins 4X4 DVD. It's 4 body parts with 4 exercises in just 15 minutes. It's a great way to get back to moving again, and boy, oh boy, did I feel it the first few days.  I don't want to go crazy just yet. I don't want anyone who may read this to think you have to work out hard or for long periods of time to lose weight. I want this to be about the food we eat, or don't eat, in order to get healthier and get to an ideal weight for our individual bodies.

I am happy to report that all the recipes included in this book have tasted yummy.  That's always a plus when venturing into any type of diet, long term or short term. Except for my lack of discipline when it comes to lunches, I find this plan to fit in well with my lifestyle and way of eating. I've had to adjust to very little, and just pay attention to what's going in my mouth, making sure to actually EAT lunch, and to stay away from grazing at the candy bar located central to every lower room in my house.  I do still struggle with getting in all my water before I go to bed. I can easily get 40-50 ounces in, but have to make an effort to remember to drink more and more often throughout the day to get in the 64 ounces I should be drinking.

All in all, so far it's going good. Tune in next week for results at the end of week 2!

Keep cheering, I can hear ya!


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