The Power of Thanksgiving - An Expression of Gratitude

Thank you. An expression used when acknowledging a gift, service or compliment.  Such a short, simple phrase can produce immense feelings in both the giver and the receiver of this phrase.

Have you ever had those times when 'Thank you' just didn't seem to be enough, yet it seemed to be the only words to say?

Have you been on the receiving end of 'Thank you' when the person saying those words had tears in their eyes and love in their hearts?

There is power in those two simple words.

Very recently I received a sincere thank you from someone who usually doesn't verbally express their thanks. Those two words so often neglected, spoken softly and with eye contact, communicated more than just an acknowledgement of my services. I sensed the gratitude, and a tremendous amount of love, in that simple expression. 

Thanksgiving, whether it is to a person or to God, automatically moves our mindset from the negative, to a positive. A sincere attitude of thanksgiving causes us to look for the good in others while bringing peace to our spirit. Also when we give thanks, we are stating that we don't take their blessings for granted.

I pray that God helps me to extend my thanks more often to those around me and to Him. 

Thank you to the person who told me I'm good at 'that'.
Thank you to the person who gave me such a warm hug.
Thank you to all military persons, past and present, for defending my country and my freedoms.
Thank you God, for waking me up this morning.
Thank you God for your mercies which I don't deserve.

Thank you.....


  1. Thank you for typing these lovely posts.

  2. Thank you for reading them.


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