The Power of Thanksgiving - Day 1

Anyone who has read my blog for at least a year, knows that in November I take advantage of the month that reminds us of thanksgiving, that is an expression of gratitude, to God for the blessings He bestows on us. There is so much restorative power in realizing our blessing and giving thanks to God for them.

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November snuck up on me this year with all the recent busyness that has taken me hostage. It was just this morning, as I was getting my morning hugs and kisses from the man I would be lost without, that I realized that this is in.....  NOVEMBER! In the past, this would have sent me into a panic to know I had missed a self-imposed deadline, but this year my first thought was...'I will be thankful for self-forgiveness.

It has been a packed 2013 with events, care taking and sad news, but we have also  had wonderful news, family visits and continued good health.  I cannot beat myself up for writing a 'day one' blog post on day 4, as there have been good things going on that side-tracked me.

Typically this series of thankfulness posts are titled "30 Days of Thanks", however, this year I am grateful that each day is the first day with God. His mercies are new every morning.

I hope my reflections on my blessings will help you to see the blessings in your own lives, and prompt you to realize how blessed you really are.

Today I am thankful that Gods mercies are new every morning. He is teaching me to draw closer to Him and to reflect back to others His image, and if He can extend new mercies everyday, who am I to withhold them? I am thankful that He is teaching me to extend those mercies to the hardest person I find hard to forgive.... myself. 

I hope you come back to visit frequently and catch up on the Power of Thanksgiving. It would be wonderful if you left a comment and told me what you are thankful for.


  1. I love your thoughts and reflections!
    I am, as well, thankful of His new mercies every morning, or afternoon, or evening as I reflect on how I once again failed to pray and praise in my "business". As terrible as I feel when that realization hits me, I am thankful that that moment is the perfect moment to start again!

    1. Jenny, Forgiving yourself and accepting God's mercies in your life will free you to continue on in HIS name! Thanks for your reflections!

  2. Love this, Mindy! I am really bad about putting pressure on myself and getting stressed over completely fabricated deadlines, standards or expectations. I am thankful, as my Pastor said yesterday, that this world, as it is, is not all there is! In the end, Jesus wins! :)

    1. Thanks Sarah for the reminder to the end of the book! HE does win, and we are with Him! I am learning to let go of my own restrictive deadlines and relaxing in the release it brings to my soul.


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