Missing Meatless Monday

You noticed.

Or did you?

Meatless Monday is missing this week.

What did you do?


  1. I did notice. I'm guessing you have a good reason ;)

    I made....was that just yesterday? I made a very veggie black bean soup. I have no recipe because I just read several and then made it up, but it is delish!

    Lets see... 2 cans of black beans, rinsed - one mashed
    1 onion
    1 large carrot
    2 cloves of garlic
    1 bell pepper
    it was either 1 whole or a 1/2 bunch of swiss chard
    a heaping teaspoon cumin
    2-3 cups veggie broth
    2-3 cups water

    I made it Saturday too, with out the onion, swiss chard or carrot, and that was good too - but the extra veggies are extra nutrients!

    Hope you are having fun!


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