30 Days of Thanks Nov 4

The first Sunday of each month Harvest church serves communion. During the time that the sacraments are being shared to the congregation, reflection and prayer is encouraged. This morning I had an understanding of the  phrase, "If you aren't for Me, you are against Me."  It hit me. We were God's enemy, yet He loved us so much, He sent his son to die as the sacrifice for our sins so that we might be saved from eternal death.

I'm not sure I have any earthly enemies, but there have been a few people in my life that I didn't care for, and honestly I can say I'm glad they aren't in my life anymore. I'm okay with not having them around, not even wondering what happened to them.  But God couldn't do that to His enemies (i.e. us). He couldn't stop thinking about us. He couldn't stop loving and caring for us. He wanted us to spend eternity with Him!! So He sent His only son to be the ultimate sacrifice, to shed His blood  to cover our sins so that we could be worthy to stand in God's presence. Sin cannot be in the presence of God. And we are all sinners. Yet when God sees us, He doesn't see us as sinners anymore, He sees us through the filter of Jesus' blood. THAT is why Jesus died for us. So that we could be in God's presence and be counted as worthy, even though we are not.

I am so thankful that God loved me so much that He gave His only Son, so that whoever believes in Him will not be destroyed but have ever lasting life.  John 3:16


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