30 Days of Thanks Nov 23

My Daddy and sister came up today to spend the night before our big Thanksgiving feast tomorrow with the extended family. We will have my oldest brother and half of his family, our daughter and new son-in-law, my Dad and sister and a good friend of my nephew. My brother and I take turns hosting the holidays. This year the dinner will be held at my brothers house and I'll host Christmas. Next year we'll switch.

For the past year my dad has been talking about possibly moving up near us, he lives 3 hours south of here! So today I drove him and my sister around a few areas not too far from where we live, a little out in the country, but close enough to all the good shopping. I am cautiously hoping that he is serious as my brother and I would both be thrilled to have them nearer. Momma has been gone for over eight years now, so it seems even tougher with Daddy so far away.

I am so thankful to still have my daddy around. Now I'm praying that he moves even closer so that we can spend more time with him and my sister.


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