30 Days of Thanks Nov 22

Today was Thanksgiving, and just as I predicted, it was quiet. Both our children and their families were were celebrating in their own way. Our oldest was giving thanks with her new in-laws, while our youngest was making an intimate dinner that could feed a small army at home with his wife and daughter. We were blessed to be able to cook with our son, as we "face-timed" with them during our separate dinner preparations.  We were delighted to hear our grand-daughter "sing" to us as she followed her momma's lead.

Dave and I spent a little while outside transplanting a few small trees and bushes this afternoon. The weather is abnormally nice for this time of year, and it was good to be outside on such a gorgeous day. Tomorrow all bets are off as a cold front moves through. Later we signed off of Face-time with our son and his family just as our dinner was coming to completion. Even though we will celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend with our extended family, our hearts were with our children today on the day set aside to give thanks to God. It was a different Thanksgiving day for us, but a very peaceful and relaxing day.

As I reflect on what this day represents, I am thankful for so many blessings Gods has given us. I am married to a man I love dearly who has been by my side through better and worse for almost 30 years. I am thankful for two healthy children who make me proud for the adults they've become, and the spouses they've chosen. I am thankful for our granddaughter and the outrageous love we have for her. I am thankful to God for the mercies and grace He provides for me, and the eternal life He promises me.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving as you gathered around your tables or TV's enjoying good food and fellowship with whomever you spent your day with. But most of all, I pray that sometime during the day you took time to reflect on all the blessings God has given you throughout the year and sincerely gave thanks to the ONE who bestowed those on you.   Happy Thanksgiving!


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