30 Days of Thanks Nov 15

I have a friend (Hi Babs!) who is just as weird as I am when it comes to organization. She and I have had "meetings" for years now where we share our organizational spreadsheets with each other and hold each other accountable to getting our tasks done. Babs and I don't live in the same state, so we actually schedule our time to call each other on our spreadsheets too. One more task we can check off our list, check!

Through the years we have changed and tweaked our spreadsheets to make them work for us, and for many of those years, these spreadsheets have made us both well oiled, task completing machines.  That is until life changed for both of us.  Bab's took a new position with the company and I left the company. Life changed for us and , well, neither one of us acclimated very well to those changes. We found ourselves no longer getting much accomplished, which for org freaks like us, is very disconcerting.

BUT... not too long ago we both re-committed to meeting once again and keeping each other on task. We're still not as good about it as when we both were in our comfy positions a few years ago, and we are having to once again tweak our spreadsheets to make it work for us, but we are starting to get back on track and ohhhh does it feel good!  After tonight's meeting Babs told me I had 10 mins to write my blog and then go to bed as this weekend is a busy one for me and I'm far from over the cold I walked into.  Maybe I need to schedule my meals and water so that I can make sure to take care of myself...hmmm. Just a thought.

I am thankful for friends who are just as weird about task lists as I am.  Love ya Babs!


  1. We're coming back....better than ever..or at least we're going to try... We need our org meetings...I love them!! and you!!
    Love, Babs

  2. Yes, take care of yourself! Thank you Babs for being another voice in her life telling her to get well. (Does she say, "Yes, Mom" to you too??)


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