30 Days of Thanks Nov 14

Call me nuts, but once I get past the fact that warm weather is finished for the year, I embrace the colder weather, and yes I even look forward to snow. Another more practical side to the colder weather is the use of the outdoor refrigeration.  I made a big pot of soup tonight and, after having just gone to the grocery store yesterday, we had very little room to store the left overs. So, the remainder of the soup went outside on the back patio. The temperatures are dipping below freezing at night and only in the 40's during the day, so for most of the food that I fix, those temps will do just fine for the overflow. But I daresay, that the patio soup won't even make it long enough to see the upper 40's that we are expecting tomorrow, instead it will be Dave's lunch.

I am thankful for the natural outdoor refrigeration this time of the year.  : )


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