This One's for You Donna!

I have a friend who says she loves my tables, but could never do what I do. She told me when she entertains, she uses paper plates and plastic tablecloths.  I let her know that even if you use disposable dinnerware, you can still make your table look special!  She presented me with a challenge;  that if Ishowed her how, she would create one. So Donna, this tablescape is for you!! I want to see your pictures once yours is done!!

Red paper placemat, ivory paper plates, black and white luncheon plates, deocorative napkins, black hot and cold cups, and black plastic cutlery all make for a pretty and inexpensive place setting.

A black paper bowl is filled with red gift filler paper.

I did "break the rules" with the black silk flowers that are "planted" into the red filler.

But I figured, everyone owns silk flowers...right??

These pretty little glitter boxes can be used over and over again, however they are considered paper!

I filled those with gift filler too, but party favors could be used in there. Or candy. Yeah, I like candy!

So see Donna, you can make a pretty table that is still disposable and inexpensive. The challenge is turned back to you. Let me see what you've got! 

Sources: Items purchased at Hobby Lobby:
Cost for 6 place settings
Touch of Color Paper Placemats 50 ct at $3.99 Cost .48c
Touch of Color Paper Plates Ivory 24 ct $2.99 Cost .75c
Unknown Brand Lunch Plate 24 ct $2.99 Cost .75c
Bag of Chips Ivory Plastic Table Cover $1.99
Touch of Color Black Velvet Hot/Cold Cups 24 ct $2.99 Cost.75c
Bag of Chips Black Plastic Cutlery 24 ct $1.99 Cost $.1.44
Bag of Chips Paper Party Bowls 3 ct $2.99 Cost $1.00 (reusable)
Festival Collection Decorative Gift Filler 3 at $2.99 Cost  $8.97 (reusable)
Black Glitter Gift Boxes 4 at $1.49 Cost $5.96 (reusable)
Black Silk Flowers 3 at $2.99 Cost $8.97 (reusable)
20 Three Ply Napkins purchased at JoAnn Fabrics $2.50 Cost .75c
Disposable Cost $6.91
Reusable Cost $24.90
Total Cost $31.81 for a 6 place setting
Lovely Table and Easy Clean Up ..Priceless!


  1. You know what?  I think you should just do it for me.  You are awesome!  What a talent

  2. Such fun! Donna, I agree, I want to see what you can create...a disposable, paper masterpiece, I'm thinking! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Happy Easter! Cherry Kay


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