A co-worker and I had made a date to have lunch at a Tea House this past week. In the morning, I asked her, via e-mail if we were still on. The conversation that transpired was one that left me laughing. I thought I would share. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Me: Tea today?

Victoria: Ah, but of course!

Me: I wore my finest attire for the occasion! My blue jeans and a snoopy t-shirt!

Victoria: See great minds! I too am wearing blue jeans and my party turtleneck!

Me: Dear, you have outdone me. I surrender to your fashion. I would believe you to also be wearing some sort of fashionable footwear with no less than a 3 inch riser. Alas, I am wearing only a lowly sneaker.

Victoria: Ah, the footwear is not fashionable…but as a wee person, it is a necessity to “lift” when venturing out in public. Strangers have a tendency to attempt to put me in their pocket like I am a small toy or pet!

Me: Such silly notions are, no doubt, squelched by your high rise footwear. I am waiting with bated breath until the hour arrives when we should partake in tea together. When might I expect our departure?

Victoria: I propose an estimated departure to be around the noontime hour. Your thoughts, concerns, comments?

Me: The noon hour is a most agreeable suggestion. I will rendezvous to the front of the elevators in the lobby of our fine establishment, upon confirmation of your readiness.

Victoria: Very well. I shall send notification upon my readiness and will patiently await the noontime hour when I shall alert you of my readiness.


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