A Little Bit of Sunshine

Winter wasn't as cold as other years have been in Cleveland and I dare say most of the lower 48 was warmer than normal this year. However, we still had our share of gloomy days.Jenn's birthday was on January 27th, and I asked her what type of table she would like me to set. Her first attempt at a suggestion was for me to keep the Christmas table on, as she never tires if Christmas decor. After that was shot down by everyone's moans in the house, she finally gave up on trying to push a Christmas theme. Instead, she said she needed something to get her out of the depression of Christmas being taken down and research says that sunset orange is proven to fight depression. So with that she made the decision for sunset orange and yellow, something bright and cheery. Once that decision was made, I was off and running, gathering ideas from what I already had on hand. I immediately thought of citrus with the colors Jenn selected, so off to the store I went to get some Cuties and Lemons!

I was excited for the chance to use some small vases I had purchased on clearance last year that would go well with this bright design. 

Orange Organza chair sashes tied just inside the chair rails added some extra color to the setting.

Oranges and Lemons were the star of this table in an apocrathy jar.

 The stores did not have any fresh yellow or orange flowers out just yet as Christmas flowers and the blues and silvers of New Years were still plentiful.  So simple silk flowers from Hobby Lobby were placed in the vases.

My Pier 1 napkins and napkin rings were a perfect accent against these square plate that were also Pier 1 purchases a few years ago.

The sun was actually shining the day I got these pictures, you can see the sparkle in this flower.

I love the detail of these vases. The flowers stand out away from the vase allowing the sun to play around in their petals.

Fresh oranges and lemons make a striking centerpiece.

Such a happy table!

The blooming napkin ring fit right in with all the cheerfulness!

According to FlowerMeaning.org, yellow flowers are the color of Joy. Orange flowers stimulate creativity and feelings of joy. It must be right because Jenn and I have smiled every time we enter the dining room and we walk away with a spring in our step!

The freshness of this table has been enjoyed for some time now. Spring arrived early this year (hey, I'm not complaining). And now, 'twas the night before spring and I can hardly wait for the growing season to begin!

 Already the crocuses are blooming their own yellow rays of sunshine and visions of flowers and vegetables are dancing in my head. Wait a minute..I know Jenn is lurking nearby whispering Christmas tunes in my ear. 

I can hardly wait until the proper time to plant this year. The warning not to plant until after the threat of frost seems almost silly, but it is, after all, still March in Cleveland's zone 6. So for now, I will start my plants indoors and bring the sunshine onto my tables even when the sun doesn't always cooperate. 

Join me over at Susan's at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. For now I wish you a Happy Spring and to all, a good night.   Jenny, turn off that Christmas music!!


  1. Beautiful - wow, you have an amazing gift for this! :)

  2. Love it. You are so right it is such a happy table. No wonder you walk away smiling. : )

  3. Donna FaberMarch 21, 2012

    You have way to much talent! Can’t wait to see my table with its paper plates, plastic cup and silverware (I guess you can’t call it silverware if it’s made of plastic). Oh, I forgot the plastic table cloth!

  4. Hi Mindy. Now that is a happy table. All those cool colors brighten up your table and just make you smile to look at it. Very pretty.

  5. Hi, Mindy! I think you're going to have to move Jenn out temporarily if she's going to keep it up with those Christmas tunes!!! :-) It's SPRINGTIME, baby!!! I love yellow & orange together! Our dining room is comprised of that color combination, and it always feels so good! You've made it a happy table so that everyone who eats at it will make a happy plate!!! You got some really terrific buys, and you are rockin' it with the color scheme!!!

  6. Mindy, this is a beautiful table. I am sure that the post-Christmas blahs were whisked away with this orange and yellow. Love the sheer ties on the back of the chairs! Seeing this makes me happy. xo marlis

  7. Happy table! I love the color combo and I am always a fan of using food as a centerpiece. Dianne

  8. I couldn't agree more that it's a happy table. I love it! Yellow is my theme color this year, and I'm trying to use it wherever I can so I love the inspiration I got here.

    The centerpiece with the fruit is perfect, and I love those napkins rings.

  9. I couldn't agree more that it's a happy table. I love it! Yellow is my theme color this year, and I'm trying to use it wherever I can so I love the inspiration I got here.

    The centerpiece with the fruit is perfect, and I love those napkins rings.

  10. Nice to see this "citrusy" table amongst all the Easter! I'm sure your daughter loved the orange and yellow and you got to use your new vases!

    Robin Flies South

  11. Everyone knows how much I love orange and blue together, but this orange and yellow table could really brighten up even the gloomiest of days...love it!


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