Give Thanks

The holidays are upon us and I couldn't be more pleased. I was praying earlier this afternoon, thanking God for the many blessings He has given me. I am thankful to be alive! I am thankful that He has blessed me with wonderful family and friends, and I am thankful that He has given me the gift of hospitality.  I am truly in my element when I am preparing food to share with others and look forward to greeting each and every one who is about to join us this holiday season around our table.  I thanked God for giving me the talent to make things look nice so that each one who sits at our table will feel as special as I feel they are to me.

This year I am blessed to be able to host two Thanksgiving dinners. The first one is Thanksgiving day when we get to meet our daughters finace's parents for the first time. Then Saturday our second dinner will be for our family members who are nearby and able to come. I always love the hectic bustle in the kitchen as the last minute details are put in motion in order to bring everyone to the table at the same time. Then the moment of giving thanks arrives when we all reflect on God's grace in our lives.  I am a blessed woman.

This years first Thanksgiving table will be a kind of rustic elegance. You'll have to stop back by again later to take a peek at the second table, but I hope I make it worth your time. To view any of these pictures larger, just double click on them.

The table is set for six for Thursday.

The buffet keeps in tune with the rest of the dining room. Delicate shocks of wheat hold candles that soon will glow with a soft flame.

My great-grandmothers buffet lends itself well to our theme this year.

Hand made place cards giving thanks for each guest.

The layered napkins carry on the rustic elegance with cotton and silk.

Layers up close

Fall blooms in the corner of the dining room to help set the mood.

I have hidden fall treasures tucked everywhere. 

Place cards are ready for the Saturday dinner as well. I can hardly wait to see my family again!

I am thankful for my husband of 28 years, who often takes pictures for me and took about half of these here.  He supports my tablescape habit by helping me talk through my ideas and no longer fussing at me when I buy yet another dish. I love you honey!

I'll be sharing my tables with Susan over at . Check out the many other beautiful tables on Susan's Tablescape Thursdays. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for Thanksgiving Table II. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with laughter, good food and great company as you give thanks to God for the blessings he has given you this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Charger: Pier 1
Plates: Ikea and Target
Napkins: Pier 1 and Bed, Bath and Beyond
Wheat stock candle holders: Hobby Lobby
Candle centerpeice: Pier 1
Napkin Rings: Pier 1
(geesh, ya think I like Pier 1?)


  1. Mindy...What a BEAUTIFUL blog you have. I'm so glad we found each others blogs on BNOTP. Your tablecape is so warm and inviting. I LOVE your handmade little place cards. And all your other wonderul little touches. I would love to sit at your table. I can see that we do have the same philosophies. Thankyou so much for commenting on my post. We are kindred spirits.

  2. A very pretty table. Happy thanksgiving.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Mindy! As always, your table is so beautiful! You have a true gift! Love you, Linda

  4. Beautiful the candle holders.
    Enjoy the last of the long holiday weekend!

  5. Your table is beautiful and I love the rustic theme...perfect for this time of year! I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time! Your husband sounds like a gem. Mine takes photos and helps a lot as well, though I'm not sure he REALLY understands the tablescape bug!!!

    Hope you enjoy your 2nd Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing that table too!


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