Spring is trying hard to make it's way to NE Ohio, so I thought I would nudge the spring spirit and bring it indoors. This simple table is perhaps one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the few colors and simple decorations. To me, it feels fresh as spring.

A light pink organza chair sash adds a softness to our oak chairs.

A bouquet of flowers for the center.

Why don't you sit there.

 A simple place setting, perfect for a light brunch.

This pattern is one of my favorites.

Soft ceramic flowers adorn the base of the bouquet.

 Do you prefer tea or coffee?

Soft sunlight bathes the table, promising to bring warmer temperatures with it. Maybe spring really is coming after all.

I'll be meeting up with Susan over at betweennapsontheporch for Tablescape Thursday. Join me there for an inspiring array of tablescapes.

Double click on any of these pictures to enlarge them.

Plates: Royal Prestige, Rosecrest
Tablecloth, runner, napkins and chair sashes at
Silver chargers at Bed, Bath and Beyond
Silverware is Onieda
Ceramic flowers were a gift from mother when I was a teenager, priceless.


  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2011

    Although I know how difficult these things are to create and set-up, you make them look flawless! This latest setting is just beautiful! Sometimes, simplistic (not cluttered) is the best way to go. Good job! Love me

  2. You had me at pink and organza. I love this setting so simple and pretty.

  3. What a pretty table. I agree, the pink organza is the special touch that is just the BOMB! Your table is so delicate and, well, pretty! Thanks!

  4. What a beautiful that you dressed the chairs, too!


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