The Journey - Happy Valentines Day

Many years have passed since we said “I do”,
We sealed that day with a kiss.
I never once gave up on you
As we traveled through heartache and bliss.

Those early years were certainly rough
As we played at love like little ones.
Our trials made us both too tough
And we considered calling it done.

We grew apart and became disenchanted
Even though we stayed together
Our love for each other we took for granted
But to each other we stayed tethered.

We both matured along with our years
And something began to blossom.
We traveled forward to new frontiers
And our journey has proved to be awesome.

I remember not what day it appeared
It snuck up on me like twilight
I realized at once that we had cohered
And that somehow we’d be alright.

Fast forward down this path a bit
And you’ll see two people in love
As surprised as I am, I must admit
We now fit like a hand in a glove.

With a gentle brush of your lips on my neck
You send shivers down my spine.
I’ll try to keep myself in check
As I smile, I know we’ll be fine.

                        Mindy Howell


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