Christmas tablescape

I enjoy creating tablescapes. Whether it is for a holiday or just a special meal with family or friends, I like making the table "special". Tablescaping is another way to express my creativity. I will see a dish or piece of art (Pier 1 is my favorite place to be inspired) and just have to buy it! I can almost see a table done with one inspiration piece. My honey gave up on me a long time ago with telling me "no more dishes" or "you don't need that" and just goes with the flow now, although I still get the occasional lifted eyebrow.

I've had a few friends ask me what a tablescape is and although there is no true definition, it simply means making your table special by using props, decor and coodinated place settings to create a mood or atmosphere. If you google tablescape you'll find all sorts of wonderfully inspiring pictures from some extremely creative people who do this for fun as well as those professionals who are lucky enough to make a living at creating an environment to set moods for diners of all ages and backgrounds. There are even blogs that are dedicated to weekly tablescape designs, it's kind of like a club for tablescapers....I do not consider myself in their leagues but have toyed with the idea of submitting some of mine.

Even though I've been doing tablescapes for years now, I often forget to take pictures of them and haven't really considered sharing these publicly except to those who sit around my table. I hope as the years have progressed my tablescapes have improved in the artistic category, but even if not, I still enjoy doing them and I hope those who grace my table feel the love I put into the tablescapes so that my guests feel like they are the special people that they are.

Below are pictures of this years Christmas table. We've been pummeled with snow this year and it has inspired me to create this wintry theme. I hung crystal and snowflake ornaments from our chandelier above the table to use as much space as I can to capture the feeling. I hope you enjoy. I'd love your feedback.

For some real inspiration for tablescapes, visit!

Close up of one of the hanging snowflake ornaments that I got from Root Candle Factory in Medina, OH.

The star of the show is a beautiful deer that I found at Pier 1 this year.

Poinsettia from Hobby Lobby. Crystal branches from Pier 1.

Noel ornament from Pier 1


  1. I love the snowflakes, the silver, the white! so pretty!!!

    What time is Christmas dinner??!!


  2. Your table is absolutely beautiful!!!! You are truly gifted! It looks like it is right out of a magazine! I must admit, my artistic abilities do not go beyond the old basic stick figure drawings!!! HaHaHa!!

    Vikki M

  3. You are unbelievable, far cry from my paper plates/napkins, vinyl table cloth and plastic cups.

    I’ll have to send you a picture of my Christmas table, you’ll be appaled.

  4. The table is beautiful and I love the suspended ornaments from your chandy.

    I have to tell you, I saw your comment on Bonnie's blog and I just had to click over to see you. I have a daughter named Mindy (she's 29) and we call her Miss Mindy also! How fun is that for me to see you, Miss Mindy, here in blogland.

    Following you!

  5. What a gorgeous table setting!! Looks like a winter wonderland!! You have a new follower and welcome to the blog world!!

  6. So beautiful I wish I could be able to do these type of settings also but alas no place to do so:(

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Gorgeous! Love the white and silver scheme! But you KNOW your tablescape friends want to know where you found all the pretty elements. Details, we want details next time!

  9. Oh your tablescape makes me feel merry and bright!

    Seasons greetings to you and yours.

  10. Your family is very lucky indeed. I think your tablescape is lovely and that reindeer and snowflakes really sets everything off. Just beautiful.

  11. I like the hanging stuff.

  12. Everything sparkles in white and silver. Looks beautiful!

  13. Gorgeous white and silver table. I ♥ those dinner plates.
    Merry Christmas!

  14. You've created a beautiful winter wonderland for your Christmas tablescape...just the right proportion of bling and shine. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  15. Glad that you dropped by my post. About the name Garden Friends...we were in the midst of a Bible study lesson one time, and the lesson spoke about being the kind of friend that Jesus would choose to take to the Garden of Gesthsemane with Him the night that He was arrested. We all said that that's the kind of people that we each hope to be...the kind that Jesus would invite to accompany Him to the garden...that's the day that we named our Bible study The Garden Friends. I love to get to share that story. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  16. i've been showing the girls at work your beautiful holiday table. I can't think of a place I'd rather eat!

  17. They are all so pretty. What beautiful ideas. Thank you for sharing the beauty. I'd love to share some of these ideas on my christmas table decorations Pin board, if you won't mind. May you have a happy holiday!


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