30 Days of Gratitude: Day 7

I am thankful for the pleasure that cooking brings to me. I am happy that I seem to have a talent for the task, and that others seem to enjoy my efforts.

I am thankful for special memories in the kitchen and around our table:
Erin, that we moved so well without bumping into each other and made wonderful, from scratch, without recipes, meals.
Dave, for being that guinea pig for all my new concoctions and liking most of what I made.
Rick, for appreciating the little things that make a meal special.
Mike, for challenging me in using new and unusual ingredients.
Jenn, for helping me look for new and yummy vegetarian dishes.
Pat and Nancy, for turning me onto Pot Stickers!
Chris, Chuck, Laura and Kazu, for sharing good memories at Chuck, Dave's and Kazu's birthday month!
Julie Davis...blue sugar!!
Chris T and Celia, for going with the flow and jumping in to throw together food when Pastor Rick forgot to order the main dish!
John D for suggesting I write a cookbook. (or was it just the pictures you liked??)
For all other family and friends who have graced us with their presence around our dinner table and shared meals with us. Time spent in the kitchen to share meals with you is indeed a real blessing.


  1. "We sure did cook up a storm and boy were we good!!!"


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