30 Days of Gratitude: Day 19

It amazes me the talents that God gives people. Some are little known talents and others are talents for the world to see. Still others have yet to discover their talents.

Tonight my brother is eating dinner with a co-worker and family friend who is finally realizing his dream of using the talent that God gave him by being able to reach many, many people. Look out for the group SuperHeRose to make it big on the pop/rock/hiphop scene as they are just now releasing their first singles. Congratulations SuperB!

Others have talents that may forever go unnoticed by the public but are just as big a blessing as those who have a public recognition.

Whatever your talent, remember the one who gave that talent to you and use it to glorify Him!

I am thankful for the talents that God gives us and pray we never take them for granted.


  1. Hi Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care.


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