30 days of Gratitude: Day 15

Today was a double blessing. A friend stopped me to chat for a few minutes while at the office and was gracious and complimentary. After she and I were finished chatting, I realized that, although we don't know each other that well, she touched something inside of me. I felt as though she really wanted to know how I had been and was sincere in her wishes for good things in my future. Just the fact that she spoke kind and sincere words made me feel like I had no worries in the world.

Later in the afternoon, I called a dear old friend that I've known since I was a teenager just to find out how she has been. She has been very quiet lately and I sensed something was wrong. I was right. After we chatted a bit and she was able to vent a little, I managed to coax a few laughs out of her. I hope she had a smile on her face when we hung up. I realized that I had given her some kind words and from that she knew she had a friend in me.

I am thankful for kinds words shared between friends.


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