30 Days of Gratefulness: Day 5

I am truly grateful for all the wonderful friends I've met throughout my lifetime. Many have helped shape me into who I am today. I have friends today that I've known since I was a little girl, and some in my life that I met as a teenager. I've met many friends as an adult, some are my best friends! My friends are scattered all over the United States and a few are in other countries as well. Some friends are older than me and some are my kids age, but I think regardless of our age differences, we still like each other for who we are. Some friends are just fond memories, while other friends are memories that have come back to life! Some friends are still relative strangers, but I hope we'll pursue each other's friendship in a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

Thank you for being my friend...you know who you are!


  1. And a lot of those friends really miss you, Mindy! Giving thanks to God for YOU...! --Nancy

  2. Yes, indeedy....I KNOW who I am! I am your friend who now will not be shaving her legs until sometime in the spring!!! :-) And, hopefully, that's a fond memory!!! Love you!


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