Happy Fathers Day Daddy

Like most young girls, I craved my dad's attention and reveled in it when I got it.

I remember early always knowing that I was special in his eyes. Mom used to tell me I was his princess and I always felt like a princess when I was on his lap. It felt like it was just me and him alone even with everyone else around.
He rarely told me I couldn’t do the same things the boys did, and encouraged my willingness to try anything.

He recycled before recycling was popular.

Dad was a man who could carry body parts to the hospital, yet turned pale white when I busted my lip on the back of my brother’s head.

Things I recall with fond memories:
Painting by the window in his bedroom
Shooting guns and rifles in the back yard
His prescence in his police uniform
That stoic stance for all pictures
Pepsi and potato chips in the recliner watching TV
Being told that same Pepsi would “rust our pipes”.
Hammer, saw, sawdust, wood plane, sawhorses
Tickling sessions
Head butting sessions (when we were naughty)
One eye closed while doing the drunken camel dance
Hugging momma with his hands on her backside while she squealed his name in embarrassment and delight.

Things he taught me:
Be careful for what you pray for, you just might get it
To look at things differently
How to shoot a BB gun
Always take time to have fun
If it’s worth doing, it worth doing right
That it’s not ok to break curfew
The love of blue grass music
Pepsi really does rust your pipes!
Natural medicines
The love of gardening
How to divide flower bulbs
Hard work pays off
What a good marriage looks like

Daddy doesn't wear a cape, but he's still a super hero to me. I love you Daddy. Happy Fathers Day!


  1. Very Nice Mindy! I can relate to most all of it except the princess part and doing anything a boy can do, lol.

  2. Yep I know what you mean I felt and still feel the same way Love the man to pieces.

  3. Thank You for sharing. I especially loved the pictures of your mom, Dad and family. It brought back good memories and a tear my eye.

    Uncle Gary :>)

  4. Loved reading this...so sweet! =)


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