Frank and Maureen, good friends and our neighbors, said one word to Dave that sent us both running to their house tonight. Potstickers. Yep you read that right, potstickers. These aren't just any potstickers, these are from Chinatown in San Francisco. (Frank get's lots of good food from San Fran). Frank, an airline pilot, gets these when he travels and brings them back. These are the best potstickers, this side of China, that Dave and I have ever tasted.

OK, so we've never had potstickers from China,... but I can imagine they are good too.

Pat and Nancy, these even rival the ones from Mundelein. These are so good, that I took my camera with me tonight so that I could capture the essence of these big, fat, meaty potstickers.

Go ahead...look below...and remember what the bible says.......Thou shall not covet.


  1. Hey Mindy... they look like the REAL THING!! We used to order them by the steamer-full in Taiwan... about 30 of them!! They went down sooooo easy!

  2. I ate 2 and almost waddled out!! But you are so right, they are good and I wanted more!!

  3. OMG, Mindy!! NOT FAIR!!! Talk about mouth watering!

    Love to you and Dave,



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