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Dave and I are enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather. Dave and his friend, Tim, went to Michigan to fish for Salmon. They caught some bass, but no Salmon. I just got back from Ohio on a business trip that I got to turn into pleasure as I drove to Findlay from Cleveland to spend the weekend with Jenny. I got to visit Jenny's church on Sunday and meet her mentor Bonnie. What a precious woman and her husband Bob. Bob gives great hugs by the way.
We just heard on the news preview that snow is in our forecast. Yes Julie Davis, October!!
We continue to make our house a home by painting and decoratings. God has blessed us with a home that we can use to bless others with. I am enjoying being able to be creative in my decorating. I just started painting the stairs to the basement to look like stone pavers. I was surprised and thrilled with the results. It is such a joy to have the freedom to "play" and have fun with the results.
I miss my out of state friends and all my family. Come visitwhen you can!!


  1. Snow!!!??? I have to admit, I will certainly miss snow. (But not in October!!) Although this is going to sound wimpy, the temperature IS dropping 30 degrees over the next 2 days. From sunny high of 85 to a rainy high tomorrow of 50! (And the low is going to be in the 30s!) So, we are suffering here in our own little way! Tee Hee!! Be sure to add pictures soon--even though it will make my heart hurt!! I love you all and miss you dearly!
    p.s. May I add your site as a link from mine?


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