Lucky to be Blessed

St. Patrick’s Day is one holiday that most of the world enjoys celebrating. These days, celebrating St. Patty’s Day means green clothes, green drinks, and green rivers, with the loose interpretation of an Irish shamrock meets the luck of the Irish and “Kiss me, I’m Irish."

The real story behind St. Patrick’s Day begins with a teenager, who was believed to be named Maewyn Succat. He was not even Irish! At the age of 16, Maewyn was kidnapped by pirates and sold into slavery in Ireland as a sheepherder. It was there that he learned the Irish language and began to pray to the God his parents had told him about. Maewyn was in slavery for about six years when he escaped. It is said that he had a dream from God telling him to walk along the coast and find a ship waiting to sail to Britain. He did as God told him ...
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'Twas the Night of Thanksgiving...

‘Twas the night of Thanksgiving and all through the house There are leftovers, and crumbs, and “Oh! …Is that a mouse?” The food and clean dishes were put away with such care Hopes that the kitchen remains clean, is now my current prayer.
At the end of a long day, my honey and I went to bed With visions of stuffing, and pies, potatoes and bread… Remembering “Grandpapa and Nana” spoken sweetly from our laps, Thoughts of our babies remind me that gifts need to be wrapped.
Still thinking sweetly today of last night’s sweet chatter, It’s off to make lunch, geesh; I’m already getting fatter! I remembered my healthy option that I hid in my cache I threw open the fridge, but could not find my stash.
I stood there a moment, completely aloof Then I had a thought that could raise the roof! Instead of eating leftovers that could cause a heart attack Why don’t I make a smoothie, and then hit the NordicTrack!
So I made a blended mix that had spinach and cherry, Then added some protein, and why not…

When You Think of Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving Day is a day so many of us look forward to. It’s a time to gather with family and friends to share a meal together.
Most Americans (and Canadians!) celebrate Thanksgiving Day with a meal that could feed a small army, then watch sports on television until the turkey coma kicks in. Often everyone on the couch ends up watching the game with their eyelids closed...
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Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming up fast! I, for one, am ready for it. The house has been closed up since late autumn; Christmas brought extra things to store and I am ready for Spring Cleaning. During this time of the year I always get excited to start purging clutter, organizing rooms and “stuff”, cleaning the house and detoxifying my body. My body needs to be cleared out from all the holiday yummies I allowed myself to have and that are now sitting heavy on my belly. Detox is a hot word these days...Read the rest of the article here

New Resolutions

For most of us, each new year brings the desire to start fresh and do things better. We find ourselves motivated to lose weight, clean and/or de-clutter our homes, or save more money for a big treat for ourselves. But by the end of the year, or even then first month, we've fallen short of our initial expectations. Whatever your goals are, they take resolution. Resolution simply means...

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Weary - Five Minute Friday

It’s time for Five Minute Friday. Join us over at Kate’s blog today to read some more great FMF posts on this week’s word prompt: WEARY.

When I saw this week's word prompt from Five Minute Friday, I both sighed and nodded my head in affirmation. That is how I feel. I am weary physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

I am physically weary by all the "things" in my life that keep my schedule full, yet often times unfulfilled.

I am spiritually weary by being "alone" in my spiritual walk. My honey and I don't communicate on a spiritual level, nor does most of my family. Honey and I haven't connected with anyone at the church we attend due to the distance we are from it and some spiritual healing that needs to take place.

And emotionally, well, let's just say I'm so weary there, it's hard to even think about working on it.

My daughter recently started a study group using The Love Dare book. I took the Love Dare Test today and it reflected just how I …

She Taught Me...

The lessons she taught me...

She taught me to say "please", "thank you," and "you're welcome".
She taught me to give up my seat for my elders and to sit down and listen at their feet.
She taught me to not disrespect authority and to respect myself.
She taught me to not give away what belongs to someone else. To save that gift for my husband.
She taught me that there is power in prayer and sometimes God's answer is silence.
She taught me that time spent with Him is never wasted time.
She taught me to not save that special something for after you're gone, but to share it when you can    share in the joy it brings that other person.
She taught me to be still and listen.

The lessons she taught that I'm still trying to learn:

To laugh like a little child and let my joy spill out.
To find satisfaction in the littlest moments.
To forgive easily because unforgiveness only hurts me.
To act on expressing love, because that person may not be around tomorrow.
To sp…