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Don't Fear the Bears!

It is already late fall, where did this year go?  The autumn season is quickly approaching official winter where it is time to rest, to hibernate, and to reflect on what this year has brought into our lives.
This year has brought many things in our family to celebrate and many things to pray for. I am thankful for those wonderful things to celebrate as they bring joy and new life. And I am thankful for those things to pray about as it makes fresh to me to be thankful for those I care deeply about and appreciate the time and memories I've shared with them.  Now it is time to follow the bears. It's time to hibernate and recharge.
Just like the seasons that come upon us here in the Midwest, we have reason to celebrate the season and to hibernate.  
In the fall, I find myself wanting to be outside, putting things in order, and preparing things to brace against the long, cold winter. In my personal life I take time to organize things that have gotten out of control over the busy outsi…