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5 Minute Friday - Broken

Today's word : Broken


We've all experienced being broken. For some of us we've had years of pain, disappointment, fighting and giving in. We've had high hopes only to be let down. We've been so angry it causes tears to stream. We've had losses of those close to us whether it was a death of loved one, the death of a friendship or the death of a marriage. They say when one breaks a bone, the break heals stronger than it was before. It has been reinforced by the scar tissue that is only there because of the break. The Psalmist says *When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles The Lord is near to the brokenheartedand saves the crushed in spirit. To heal we must first cry. Cry tears of pain, cry in sadness, cry in anger, cry in mourning. But above all, we must cry out for help. Until we cry, we don't release what has broken us and begin the healing. Brokenness makes us stronger if we let the break heal first. Stop!


5 Minute Friday - Belong

I am linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for her 5 Minute Friday writing flash mob. 
Today's word - Belong.

I wanted to be just like my brothers growing up, except I didn’t belong to “the boys club”. Instead I was the one chased by my brothers on bicycles holding bugs out over their handlebars, taunting me with the horrid creatures they knew I was afraid of. 

 In high school I wanted to be one of the popular girls. Instead my parents moved 1800 miles away as I was nearing the end of my freshman year. The girls I came to like at my new school had different colored skin than I did and because of the state we lived in and the times of the decade I was told we couldn’t be friends. I couldn’t belong in their group. 

 As a young adult, I socialized with co-workers and neighbors. Most of them smoked and drank and played dangerously close to cheating on their spouses or significant others. I never really felt I belonged in that crowd, always begging out early on their gatherings. 

As maturity beg…