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In Between

My sister just had open heart surgery. For a week I drove in between OSU and my Dad's house. That was a 50 minute ride each way...every day.  Then once she was released I took her home back to Cleveland to recover. I had to change hats daily running in between being a wife and being a caretaker, trying desperately to balance the needs of my husband and my sister.  I'm not sure I did well in either department.

I've been traveling in between Cleveland and Columbus for over a month now.   From my house near Cleveland to the OSU hospital is 1 hour and 55 minutes.  From my house to my Dad's house is a solid 3 hours. He lives about 50 miles south of Columbus.

Family is wanting Dad and sister to move up near Cleveland so we can all help take care of each other. So I've been trying to clean, pack and stage their house.  I am trying to be very careful as I go in between being a daughter and an organizer and between being a caretaker and a home stager all the while trying no…