Merry Whimsical Christmas 2012

Christmas came early for us this year.  Our son and daughter-in-law came in from Wisconsin so we had our family Christmases a week early this year.  This was our first year with baby Eliza and what a joy it was to watch her experience ribbons and wrapping paper and shiny lights.  This year was our turn to host the extended family Christmas dinner too, so Eliza was totally overwhelmed with all the new faces and voices.  There were 15 of us at our table this year and two more joined us via Face Time during our meal.  Overall, our new grand daughter did very well considering these types of crowds could make almost anyone anxious.

In honor of our new grand baby, I wanted to add some whimsy to our Christmas table this year.  A trip to Pier 1 did the trick for inspiration and fun pieces to add to my collections.

Click on any picture to enlarge it for detail.

These cool looking ball ornaments were the perfect color I was after as well as the little deer votive holders....both from Pier 1

Last years Pier 1 bowls went perfect with my new goodies.

This whimsical snowman fit perfectly with all my colors and theme.

The complete table.

For those of you who follow my tablescapes, Grandma's buffet did not get left out. The two-tierd stand is Southern Living at Home.

This cute little reindeer shares a cake pedestal with our whimsical snowman. My honey got a kick out of him.

The place setting using my Waechtersbach plates which are so versatile, along with the Better Home and Garden lunch plates I acquired last year.  I folded and rung the napkins to look like a fun bow tie!

I'm not even sure what type of dish these are, but they are from Pier 1 also, and I'm already seeing the potential in them!

These cute bell wine stem jewels were an added burst of fun in each stemware.

The rest of the dining room was decked out for Christmas too. Here is the hutch on the china cabinet...

The dining room got its own tree this year.  I kind of like it there.  The lights shine out to the road in front of the house for those driving by. This tree has our traditional ornaments on it.  These are the treasured ones that will always stay around.

I have only two of these cute snowmen plates from a snowman serving tree that I bought from an At Home America vendor one year.  I'd love to get the missing plate if I could only find one!

I put away my "regular" china from the hutch and filled it with my Christmas plates.  It is too sad that these only come out once a year.

I love this shot my honey took for me.  You can see the Christmas lights through the ornament.

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Another view of the complete table

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas table.  I enjoyed sharing it with you.  

I wish you and yours a Blessed and Merry Christmas!


  1. It's a very nice table and was fun to shoot. Love you, hon!

  2. Beautiful table. Merry Xmas.

  3. Marry Christmas, Mindy! To you and to the whole family!!!! Hugs from us!

  4. Very beautiful table - you surely have a gift! Love Facetime!!! Got to see the rest of our family that way this Christmas! :) Happy New Year!

  5. This te kind of settings I love. The whimsy and fun dishes and decorations. Elegant is fine for some but that is not me. Have a Happy new year.

  6. What a wonderful looking table! I hope you, Dave, and the family had a wonderful Christmas!
    Love Me

  7. You definitely found the whimsy you were looking for!!! What a great table for Christmas! Pier 1 has such wonderful, wonderful stuff...I could just LIVE in that place!!! You zeroed in on some really great details, especially the bright green ornaments (those are REALLY fun!) and the bells on the stemware. What a cute idea! I am not familiar with Face Time. I had heard it referred to in a commercial on TV, but didn't know it was something that really exists. (You know how commercials can be!) I'm going to have to look that up! It sounds as if it might be like Skype? That's a wonderful way to include those who can't be physically present for the celebration! I'm glad you and your family enjoyed a great Christmas, and I wish you all an equally joyous New Year!

  8. I really like this table, one of my favorites of the season.

  9. Happy New Year! I'm just finally relaxing and doing a little blog visiting to oldies and newbies(for me). Your Christmas table is beautiful and so cheerful and bright! I found you through Tablescape Thursday and will be visiting both TT and your blog. Enjoy your first day of 2013!


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