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A Little Bit of Sunshine

Winter wasn't as cold as other years have been in Cleveland and I dare say most of the lower 48 was warmer than normal this year. However, we still had our share of gloomy days.Jenn's birthday was on January 27th, and I asked her what type of table she would like me to set. Her first attempt at a suggestion was for me to keep the Christmas table on, as she never tires if Christmas decor. After that was shot down by everyone's moans in the house, she finally gave up on trying to push a Christmas theme. Instead, she said she needed something to get her out of the depression of Christmas being taken down and research says that sunset orange is proven to fight depression. So with that she made the decision for sunset orange and yellow, something bright and cheery. Once that decision was made, I was off and running, gathering ideas from what I already had on hand. I immediately thought of citrus with the colors Jenn selected, so off to the store I went to get some Cuties and L…