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Don't Wait Until Tomorrow!

When I saw this week's word prompt at my fav writing hole, Five-Minute Friday, my mind burst with all sorts of quotes and thoughts. But the one that spoke the loudest to me is the one I'm going to run with.

This week's word prompt is: Tomorrow.


Don't wait until tomorrow to tell someone you love them. We may not be around to hear it.

It wasn't until I was diagnosed with a serious disease that I even contemplated that I could die before a ripe old age.  it was then that I began to think about the future without me in it. Not as much about missing out on the things I wouldn't be around for, but what I was leaving for those who would stay on this earth. I wanted them to know  how much I loved and appreciated them. Things that should have been said more frequently suddenly were urgent to be let out.

I lost my momma in 2004 and I was thankful that my family had 6 days notice to see her, and love on her, and tell her how much we loved her before she left us. I still wi…