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Hiking and Wading at Hell Hollow

This past weekend, Honey and I took a 75 mile motorcycle ride to Hell Hollow Wilderness Area up near the lake in Leroy Twp., Ohio.  This gorgeous park is part of the Lake Metropark system. It's off the beaten path (ever take a motorcycle on a gravel road??) and we parked in a very small, non-descript gravel parking area that lead us to a path at the edge of a high cliff top. The highlight of this area is to descend more than 100 feet to the ravine where Paine Creek winds it's way around with dry beds, waterfalls and rushing water. Once upon a time, glaciers pushed and gouged out this beautiful area that got it's awful name because of the steep, rugged slopes which made it hell to access and leave the "hollow"

Just as we arrived, it begin to sprinkle. And as soon as we entered the tree canopy the rain started to pour. Thankfully the canopy protected us and the rain quickly ended.
We had no sooner began walking the trail that would eventually lead us to the 262 t…

Restless Mind Syndrome

There is not much that is more aggravating than waking up at 3:30 in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep. More than three hours later and my mind is still talking loudly to me.  Factual, but not important thoughts like; "I didn't drink enough water today" run across my mind in micro-second interruptions. That thought leads me to begin other unimportant thoughts such as, "When I wake up, I will do better at drinking water." and "I need to work out. Should I do PiYo or bursting?"  "I wonder if the rain will stop us from going to the Farmers Market this morning." and "I need to write..I haven't written again for several days."  I then begin to beat myself up for not doing what I feel like God has directed me to do.

I lay in bed, listening to my own thoughts ramble on as well as my husband's proof that he is sleeping soundly. I really am tired and just want to sleep, but can't.  I put a pillow over my head, th…

Standing Firm

Still being real here. It never fails. Whenever I move on something I feel God is telling me to do, Satan comes in for the kill. He tries to kill the satisfaction of doing something I feel led from God to do. He comes in to kill the hope, and the joy of following God's prompting.

Late last night I was inspired to think that God might be blessing me for obeying his prompting of sharing my last post, for stepping out and just beginning to write. Then today, all those hopes were dashed. Leads fell through, accomplishments failed to manifest, and what I thought was my support, failed to be encouraging, instead, I was left feeling like I was being mocked.

I wish I could say I was walking in joy for following what I believed to be God prompting me to do what He wants me to do. But I can't. I still believe in my heart I followed God's prompting, but I also believe that I need to stand fast and not let Satan intimidate me with his scare tactics. His tactics of allowing my all-too-ne…

Getting Real

I've been quiet for way too long, and that isn't just on my blogs, I've been quiet in my spirit as well. These last two years have been, to say the least, scary as I have been through depression and back trying to figure out what it is I am supposed to do with my life. Ever since I left my high-paying corporate job, I have realized I don't know who I am, or what I'm supposed to do.  I am no longer an expert in my field.
Since then, I've been trying to find what it is I want to do when I grow up. I've started my own business, I've done home party sales, and have even become a fitness coach. All I "need" to do is bring in a little extra income each month. That's been my goal all along, makin' a little income.  And other than a seasonal party sales position I took right after I left my company, I've made nearly nothing in all my endeavors. Less than nothing if you count what I've spent to get started in these endeavors.
One of the s…