The Power of Thanksgiving - Setting Aside Time

If you are like me, and I'm nothing special so I suspect you are, setting aside time to say thanks is an illusion, a good thought too often unfulfilled. I often have the intention of writing a thank you note, then months later realized I never took the time to write it.  By then...well, how embarrassing to confess that I just didn't take time months ago to thank that person for a kind deed, word or gift, so the note remains unwritten. (And yes, I just admitted that on the world wide web).

This is an issue that occurs too often, and the problem exacerbates. Not only does the person and their kind action go unthanked, (which makes them feel unnoticed), but when we do not recognize that action and communicate our appreciation for it, we heap tons of guilt on our own heads and begin to think we don't deserve a blessing from others. What's worse is, we then push our guilt onto others and use that as an excuse to not extend our own kind actions.  Grant it, this pattern doesn't happen overnight, but unfortunately we come to expect in our own lives, the actions we've treated others in our past.  Have you ever wondered why that "bitter old person" became so bitter?

We do this with God too. We obviously can't send God a thank you note, but we can take time to thank Him.  To do this, we need to turn down the noise of the world and focus on God and the love He pours out on us through His blessings.  His blessings are His approval which allows us, or helps us to do something, and generally brings us happiness.  God encourages us through His word, His mercies, His grace, and His people, and He does this more often than we even recognize, let alone give thanks to Him for.  

Stretch yourself, slow down and set aside time to say "Thanks". Take time to acknowledge the blessings you receive from people and from God. Then if you want a bigger challenge, pay it forward.

Col 3:17 And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.


  1. Love this Post as this is a time to Pay It Forward........... :)(:

    I love posting wonderful inspiration quotes, testimonies & scripture on Pinterest.

    Please make your site Pinterest friendly as I don't do Blog or Facebook but love Pinterest. :)(:

  2. Anonymous, thanks for the tip. Done!


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