The Power of Thanksgiving - In the Stillness of the Dawn

I wake in the stillness of the dawn, thanking God for these quiet times to reflect on, and to give thanks for the blessings He has given me:

Thank you Lord for keeping me safe through the night.
Thank you too for waking me before the morning light.

Thank you for giving me strength for the day that lies before me.
And thank you Lord for reminding me to start on bended knee.

Thank you for the love I have swelling in my chest, 
For family, friends, and those Lord, I have not yet met.

Thank you for the many blessings you have showered on my head.
And I thank you Lord simply for blessing me with daily bread.

In this early morning stillness, I give thanks from deep within.
For without you Lord in my life, I'd be miserable in my sin.

But you Lord have plans for me, plans for my future and my hope.
Without you Lord in my life, I know I could not cope.

As the sun begins its rising in the stillness of this morning,
I thank you Lord deeply, for stirring my soul into yearning.

As the deer seeks after water, may my soul seek after You.
I thank you Lord for once again, my spirit is renewed.

Mindy Howell


  1. So Beautiful Laurie

  2. Beautiful! Happy thanksgiving! :)

  3. And, I thank God for you.


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