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True - Five Minute Friday

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.  Philippians 4:8  As women most of us are good about pointing out these thought-worthy things about other people yet we fail miserably at applying this truth to ourselves.
As an adverb TRUE means: in accordance with fact or reality, and accurate or exact. 

How many of us have stood in front of a mirror and whipped ourselves verbally for what we see?  Statistics say that an average size woman in the US stands 5 foot 4 1/2 inches tall (or slightly more than 1.6459m).  The high end of a healthy BMI (24.9) for this height is about 145 pounds (or about 65.77 kg). Why is it then that we (me included) look at ourselves in the mirror and focus on "that" jiggle, or "that" bulge? Even if you are someone who doesn't meet or exceeds these statistics, why do we focus …

For the Love of Writing - Five Minute Friday

Today's word is She

As soon as I see her, I smile and she smiles back at me. I love those times we get together and (sigh) they never seem to be long enough.

She can make me smile just by going about her daily activities. She gives a little laugh or looks at me intently and I can't help myself, and break out in a grin. By the time we finish our visit my cheeks are hurting from smiling and laughing so much. A year and a half ago, I didn't even know her, yet today I can't stand to be away from her.  She is such a joy in my life.

I wish everyone could experience the love and joy I feel at just the thought of being with her.

Our time spent together is rarely in person but we manage to connect through technology. We chat about silly things and even though she seems to understand everything I say, I have to admit, I can hardly understand what she is saying, yet this relationship seems to work. 

She has this way of cheering me up when I am down, of making me laugh when I've …