Lonely 5 Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday                        Lonely

The invitations were sent and yet no one picked up the phone when the follow up calls were made.  A text or two come in at the last minute with "sorry, no".  

Excitement had built all week as she planned the appetizers, what plates they'll go best on and what to serve to drink.  But now, she goes into the kitchen to prepare the small delights with a somewhat less than enthusiastic step, not knowing how much to make, if any.

One would think that with hundreds of Facebook "friends" invited and invitations sent to many more who do not frequent this social media hot spot, that the house would be filling up by now. Yet she keeps herself busy while anxiously looking at the clock, watching the time grow nearer to the party hour and the doorbell has yet to ring.

It's such a lonely feeling having friends who seem to be so busy that they can't commit to spending two to three hours on a weekend night to visit with you. 

The hour was finally here. The food was made and presented with flair. The ice was ready and waiting in now sweaty glasses for the first drink to be poured. Yet no one had arrived to share it with her. Five more minutes passed, then ten. Her heart was broken.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

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  1. You left off with, "Suddenly the door bell rang." What then? Was the house suddenly flooded with people?

    1. Ahhh, the fun of cliff hangers!! hahah

  2. Oh did they come? I remember I had a gather with my sister and we prepared food and fun, and no one came. It was heartbreaking. Visiting from the Five Minute Friday.

    1. Barbie, I wish it had a happier ending, but two guest arrived and one was the daughter. I love that it made you wonder though! hahah. I visited your site and loved your post!

  3. looks like we are all waiting for the sequel!
    Those minutes, just waiting and not knowing, those are the times I feel the loneliest, I think.
    Enjoyed your writing today, have a blessed weekend.

    1. Thanks Linda. Hopefully the next story is about a fun time had by many!

  4. I'm waiting to hear too!
    I tell you social media is so... not real social

    1. Katherine, yes. I've decided to wean myself off and see if I miss it or anyone misses me. So far, no one even noticed, I think. Thanks for looking~


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