30 Days of Thanks Nov 8

This week has been a hectic and busy week and will continue into next week before I get the chance to regroup at home. But today.... ahhh, I had today. I was able to wake without an alarm, stay in my jammies for awhile and make a vegetable soup using just about every fresh veggie we had in the house. I took time to leaf through a magazine and have conversations with two of my good friends.

I am thankful for a day of rest for my physical body as well as my mind.


  1. I really enjoy your posts, Mindy. I appreciate how you work in the truth about Jesus into them in a plain-and I feel-non threatening way. But then again-I have the Holy Spirit so I might be the wrong one to ask.

    You thankfulness since you have beaten the cancer radiates in all of your words. You have taken a terrible thing, cancer, and allowed God to use it for His glory. That is what I hope God has allowed me to do with the losses of our son, my Mom, and my Dad.

    You do an amazing job with your decorating! I definitely don't have the money right now with my two big girls in college-but my table usually looks pretty nice!

    I was sad to read about how you search for a 'best friend'. I sense a bit of loneliness in you. It is clear though, that you are loved by many. We were in such different parts to our lives when you lived here in IL. But-I always really liked you and enjoyed to spend time with you. Dave will always be 'Dave from Picker' to me. I know that he has meant a lot to Tim through the years.

    So, may God continue to bless the two of you. May you continue to be on full alert to appreciate the blessings that He sends your way. I am grateful to FB for connections like this. We would have never been in contact again-and here we are!

    With love and thanks,


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