30 Days of Thanks Nov 5

I am hosting a Dining to Donate at the Brunswick, OH Applesbee's this week to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. My nephew was diagnosed at the age of 2, and today at the age of 16 has just enough strength left in his hands to swipe his iPod. I have been trying to find a musician or DJ to donate their services so that we could have live music that night and so that we could take advantage of the microphone to make announcements to Applebee's patrons as well as our supporters. However all the avenues I and my brother tried panned out to be fruitless.  Today, as I was delivering the baskets that will be raffled off, one of the employees told me that a DJ right down the sidewalk from them would be doing Karioke that same evening. So my friend Heather and I walked into his store, baskets in arm, and asked if he would be willing to make a few announcements Wednesday evening so that we could make our fundraiser a success. His immediate response was , why yes, of course!

I am so thankful that God answered our prayer in the most unexpected way.


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