30 Days of Thanks Nov 27

Today I started taking down the autumn decor and began cleaning and preparing to put up the Christmas decor.  Not that long ago, this phase of my seasonal decorating used to drive Dave nuts! Today he took it all in stride, knowing that the Christmas "stuff" would soon be brought up and temporarily the house will be in shambles with boxes everywhere. But in the end our house looks festive and we can relax and enjoy it for a few weeks until it's time to take it all down again.  We are both looking forward to our son and his family coming when we can both get our hands on our grand-daughter.......ohhhhh, she's so cute!

In the meantime, I am already thinking about what tablescape I want to create for the Christmas holidays, so I just may have to try a few out on you and let you pick which one makes it for our family get-together table.  Stay tuned for pictures and I hope you comment to tell me which one's you like.  I'm open for suggestions!!

This evening I made our traditional Gourmet Turkey Soup with the left-over turkey from Thanksgiving.  I don't know why I don't make this soup more often. It is SO good! The smell of curry mixed with vegetables is heavy in the kitchen.... heavenly!

I am so thankful when this time of the year comes around. The house gets transformed into something special, foods that only appear once a year are enjoyed immensely. We spend time with family both near and far and we can sing about Christ, our Lord and no one thinks we're fanatics!

I hope you are basking in this glorious holiday season and all the special thoughts and feelings it brings with it.


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