30 Days of Thanks Nov 18

I guess my 30 days will trickle into December. The last two nights I've been so tired that I have fallen asleep on the couch before I've loaded up my computer. I'm hoping I'm past the exhausted phase of my cold and will now be able to not be so tired at the end of a day.  Of course I suppose I could also write my thanks at an earlier time in the day as well. But I generally wait until I get quiet and reflect back on my day before I write.

Today I demo'd Partylite for my daughter and her guest.  Her apartment smelled wonderful once I lit all the candles, then she streamed in a fireplace from Netflix on their big TV and played instrumental Christmas music from the CD Comfort and Joy. The demonstration didn't last that long, but the guest lingered. I would have to contribute that to the inviting and cozy atmosphere she created.

I am so proud of my daughter and am thankful she is learning to create a beautiful environment for her guests where they can come and be relaxed and enjoy her hospitality. I love you sweetie!


  1. Just read a bunch, but as usual, I had to stop by and see all of your pretty tablescapes! LOVE THEM! How talented you are!!!

  2. I have been blessed, encouraged and challenged by your posts. Thank you mindy. I love and miss u.


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