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This One's for You Donna!

I have a friend who says she loves my tables, but could never do what I do. She told me when she entertains, she uses paper plates and plastic tablecloths.  I let her know that even if you use disposable dinnerware, you can still make your table look special!  She presented me with a challenge;  that if Ishowed her how, she would create one. So Donna, this tablescape is for you!! I want to see your pictures once yours is done!!

Red paper placemat, ivory paper plates, black and white luncheon plates, deocorative napkins, black hot and cold cups, and black plastic cutlery all make for a pretty and inexpensive place setting.

A black paper bowl is filled with red gift filler paper.

I did "break the rules" with the black silk flowers that are "planted" into the red filler.

But I figured, everyone owns silk flowers...right??

These pretty little glitter boxes can be used over and over again, however they are considered paper!

I filled those with gift filler too, but pa…


A co-worker and I had made a date to have lunch at a Tea House this past week. In the morning, I asked her, via e-mail if we were still on. The conversation that transpired was one that left me laughing. I thought I would share. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Me: Tea today?

Victoria: Ah, but of course!

Me: I wore my finest attire for the occasion! My blue jeans and a snoopy t-shirt!

Victoria: See great minds! I too am wearing blue jeans and my party turtleneck!

Me: Dear, you have outdone me. I surrender to your fashion. I would believe you to also be wearing some sort of fashionable footwear with no less than a 3 inch riser. Alas, I am wearing only a lowly sneaker.

Victoria: Ah, the footwear is not fashionable…but as a wee person, it is a necessity to “lift” when venturing out in public. Strangers have a tendency to attempt to put me in their pocket like I am a small toy or pet!

Me: Such silly notions are, no doubt, squelched by your high rise footwear. I am waiting with bat…

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month

I am re-posting a blog that I posted last year about this time. April is National Card and Letter Writing month and there is much to be said in favor of writing a letter or sending a card to someone you are thinking about. There is a special feeling for both the writer and the recipient when this type of correspondence is shared. Disappointingly, writing with pen and paper has become a lost art. Several years ago, I found an old letter that my maternal grandmother had written to my grandfather during World War II (enlarge the picture and peek at that date!) So I staged this little vignette and took this black and white photo to capture how it used to be.

Let me take a poll; would you rather recieve a letter that starts out like the one below?
"Good morning my darling. How are you?"   Or one much like folks today text to each other? 
  .... "sup?" 

That's what I thought.

I challenge each of us to send a card with a note inside, or write a letter to someone we are t…