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Christmas Table

Christmas dinner was held at my brother and sister-in-law's house just one mile up the road. My brother asked me to "set the table" as he says he enjoys my table settings. I blush, then I start thinking what I can do that is different than the other settings I have done. Once I get my inspiration, I create the table scape on my own table, then when the dinner event comes around, we pack up the table and haul it over to their house and set it up there.
This year we were blessed to have our dad and sister up from southern Ohio, our daughters fiance', my niece and her boyfriend and our son and daughter-in-law in from Iowa. The guest list was almost longer than the two tables they set up to seat everyone. Because of that, I didn't take the decorations over, just the course platings. A very non-traditional dinner of Lasagna, in honor of the fiance's birthday, was the main course, with salad, fresh fruit, hot vegetables and garlic bread to round it out. Desserts w…