Will You Stay Married to Me?

My husband, who I will refer to as Honey, came back from a business trip not that long ago, and as I came home from work and was hanging up my coat, he announced some “bummer” news. He lost his wedding ring while working at a hospital in Michigan. He assumed it was in one of the 3 to 4 rooms he went into that day where he washed his hands… several times. It must have come off his finger when drying his hands. Which means it’s most likely in one of the many trash containers at that hospital. Honey didn’t discover his naked ring finger until back at his hotel preparing for bed…around midnight.

I was speechless…

Honey and I have been married for 28 years and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen him take off his wedding ring. In the winter time his ring slid around and hung upside down frequently due to the contraction of any swelling that normally occurs when one gets warm.

We’re still married and I still love you” he stated when he saw that I was upset. I didn’t say anything. “Talk to me” he prompts. I replied “Let me process this.”

I know that a ring is just jewelry but tell that to my mind. So many things flew at me all at once from the inane to practicality. I am a firm believer that married people should display their unavailability to the single world (and those that toss commitment out the window) while at the same time proclaiming their undying commitment to the one they choose to love. A wedding ring is symbolic of the “for better or worse, richer or poorer, ‘til death do us part” vow. Honey is a good looking man…so my thought was...we must replace that ring!

Even though the ring is just a symbol of our commitment to each other and isn’t really the actual commitment, it somehow felt like he was declaring to the outside world that he was free! (I told you some of these thoughts were inane). Not to mention, an expensive, beautiful ring is somewhere in Michigan…in the trash heap by now! I only hope someone found it and made good use out of it. (Practical side)

Honey and I finally made our way to the jewelry store recently to be greeted by a sales clerk smiling at the prospect of a sale. We told her our story and she began to assist us with choosing a new wedding ring. Honey kept asking me what I thought he should get, but I reminded him, I picked out his first ring, which, although he liked it, would not have been his choice in a ring. He’s a man with simple likes. He only wears his wedding ring and occasionally a watch, so “bling” is not his thing. I encouraged him to choose a ring he liked. After several attempts to get me to pick it out for him, I finally started pointing out possible choices that seemed to suit his idea of a simple band. Once we narrowed it down to two or three choices, I think we both zeroed in on just one. This classic ring with both white and yellow gold should last at least another 28 years. Our sales clerk measured Honey’s finger making sure the fit was snug so as not to risk losing it again.

After an order boo-boo by our sales clerk, we finally got the call 4 weeks later that the ring was in. Honey was out of state again, so I swung by after work one night to pick it up. When Honey came home the next night, I took the ring into him, opened the pretty box they had put it in, and proposed to him. “Will you stay married to me?” Honey smiled big, took the ring and put it on his finger. We sealed the deal with a kiss.

It took a little while to get used to the new ring, but not too long. It’s good to see the commitment back on Honey’s finger, although it’s been in his heart for 28 years. Our marriage just keeps getting better and better. 2009 brought us both a wakeup call when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I think we both looked at life, and each other, a little differently. I don’t mind his new ring at all. I see it as symbol of our renewed faith in each other, a fresh perspective on commitment, especially the "in sickness and health" part, and the beginning of another chapter in our lives together.

Stick around for another 28 years and I’ll let you know how that goes.


/images/products/2517/251776100_MV_TB.jpgIsn't it pretty?


  1. Yes, it's beautiful! Great post, love it! And I agree about rings' messages to outside world. In seminary I felt like guys should wear engagement rings too!! hee hee. :)

  2. You two are the best! Your love for eachother is real love and you both show it well. It's good to know that after all these years that your relationship just keeps getting better and better. Your relationship is strong and faith unbroken.
    Love, me

  3. I loved this story.Very touching.


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