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New Years Resolutions

Americans have this ritual of making New Year’s resolutions and 3 weeks later ditching them for what is comfortable and familiar. If you want proof, visit a Fitness Club the first three weeks in January and you will barely be able to move. But if you visit in February; you’ll have all the room you need.

Have you put any thought into a New Year’s resolution, or do you forgo this ritual knowing you won’t be able to keep those resolutions?

For me, resolutions are like diets. We go on them and we “fall off the wagon” so to speak, and then quit. If you’re one of the fortunate ones who actually stick to a diet and make your goal, then what? Most of us stop dieting and go back to a “normal” way of eating and start gaining back the weight we lost.

Resolutions, like diets, need to have a makeover. I learned a long time ago that diets don’t work. What does work is learning to eat a new way. When we fall off that wagon, instead of quitting a diet, we choose to do better the next day (or week, …