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Thanksgiving.....Round 2!

This past Saturday started with an air of excitement as I began preparing a second, much larger turkey than I had on Thanksgiving day. Thinking about what lay ahead put a quick in my tired step. My daddy and younger sister were on their way up from down south to spend the day and overnight with us. And later in the afternoon, my oldest brother and his family would be arriving in time to share a meal in which we all contributed to. Normally I set the table a day or more ahead of time, before a big dinner. We were expecting twelve to sit down all together. My nephew brings his own chair and always gets a corner spot and we fill in between the dining chairs with antique folding chairs that were my great grandparents.

This day I couldn't even begin tablescaping until my dad arrived. I had been inspired by a table I had seen on a Southern Living web page and asked my dad to help me put it together.  My inspiration table was laden with wood cut from different sized logs and gorgeous g…

Give Thanks

The holidays are upon us and I couldn't be more pleased. I was praying earlier this afternoon, thanking God for the many blessings He has given me. I am thankful to be alive! I am thankful that He has blessed me with wonderful family and friends, and I am thankful that He has given me the gift of hospitality.  I am truly in my element when I am preparing food to share with others and look forward to greeting each and every one who is about to join us this holiday season around our table.  I thanked God for giving me the talent to make things look nice so that each one who sits at our table will feel as special as I feel they are to me.
This year I am blessed to be able to host two Thanksgiving dinners. The first one is Thanksgiving day when we get to meet our daughters finace's parents for the first time. Then Saturday our second dinner will be for our family members who are nearby and able to come. I always love the hectic bustle in the kitchen as the last minute details are p…


I want to share some of what I’ve been studying this week. I read in a Wiersbe commentary that “too often our prayers are vague and general. ‘Lord, bless the missionaries’ …perhaps it is the lack of faith that causes us to pray generally instead of specifically.” “It has well been said that the purpose of prayer is not to get man’s will done in heaven, but to get God’s will done on earth.”

I’ve been praying, asking God more intently lately, to show me what I want to be when I grow up. I have often felt I have a purpose on earth, one to use for His glory, but have no idea what gifts I have to offer. Then this week, my bible study takes me to I Peter 4 where Paul discusses our gifts from God. Amazing isn’t it how God works his answers into the fibers of our lives. 

When putting together worship for our bible study group, I came across a GodTube video that shows a silly side of how easily and often we reject Gods gifts. It seemed so obvious on this video. But, how many times have we be…

Will You Stay Married to Me?

My husband, who I will refer to as Honey, came back from a business trip not that long ago, and as I came home from work and was hanging up my coat, he announced some “bummer” news. He lost his wedding ring while working at a hospital in Michigan. He assumed it was in one of the 3 to 4 rooms he went into that day where he washed his hands… several times. It must have come off his finger when drying his hands. Which means it’s most likely in one of the many trash containers at that hospital. Honey didn’t discover his naked ring finger until back at his hotel preparing for bed…around midnight.

I was speechless…

Honey and I have been married for 28 years and I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen him take off his wedding ring. In the winter time his ring slid around and hung upside down frequently due to the contraction of any swelling that normally occurs when one gets warm.

We’re still married and I still love you” he stated when he saw that I was upset. I didn…


Spring is trying hard to make it's way to NE Ohio, so I thought I would nudge the spring spirit and bring it indoors. This simple table is perhaps one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the few colors and simple decorations. To me, it feels fresh as spring.

A light pink organza chair sash adds a softness to our oak chairs.

A bouquet of flowers for the center.

Why don't you sit there.

 A simple place setting, perfect for a light brunch.

This pattern is one of my favorites.

Soft ceramic flowers adorn the base of the bouquet.

 Do you prefer tea or coffee? 

Soft sunlight bathes the table, promising to bring warmer temperatures with it. Maybe spring really is coming after all. 

I'll be meeting up with Susan over at betweennapsontheporch for Tablescape Thursday. Join me there for an inspiring array of tablescapes.
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A Touch of Easter

This Easter we welcomed family and new friends to our table. I wanted the table to be fun, yet have a touch of elegance so that everyone who graced us with their presence would feel special. 

And of course, we had to have a bunny near by.

My centerpiece was a vase that I purchased at Pier 1.  I then inserted a smaller vase inside, then filled the gap with inexpensive jelly beans.

It looked really cool from the outside.

Then I place purchased bouquets of tulips inside the inner vase.

And this was the result.

I had some left over tulips so I placed them in my newest vase, also found at Pier 1.

Everyone got an Easter Egg surprise at their place setting.

Yellow and sherbet colored napkins were embraced by my new favorite napkin rings.

Clear bowls were used for the salad so that we could see the colorful plates beneath it.

Everyone enjoyed a good meal and good fellowship.

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