Let it snow, and snow and snow...

Cleveland is pretty notorious for having a lot of snow. Sometimes as early as October, but for sure by November. This year we have heard of other states getting snow that typically don't get much if any during the winter let alone in November. Washington state has gotten a few good snow falls already. Even Nashville has had ground cover! But we have not had anything more than a flake or two floating in the air.

That is until this week.

I can hear it now... "I am so sorry for being late with the snow this year...here let me make it up to you!"

In a course of 2 days we got a reported 19 inches! and over the last couple of days we've gotten more. We've gotten a few breaks with some actual sunshine peaking through the clouds. When that happens, it creates all sorts of excitement in the house. I'll yell "Oh! Sunshine!" and we (typically just me) will run to the patio door to look at it like it is a meteorite that shows itself only once every 10 years. I'll turn my back to the door and let the sunshine warm up my backside, then like a piece of bacon in a frying pan, I flip to the other side to warm it also. That is if the sun stays out long enough. Sometimes it's just a tease and is gone before I can squint into the sky.

I captured a picture of our latest snowfall before it was done with it's initial dumping. See below.

Now, doesn't that just want to make you move to Cleveland?


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