Happy Birthday Jenn!

Jenn's 26th birthday was celebrated quietly at home this year with no big fan fare. I think she had wanted to invite friends over for a game night, but some of her other friends had just hosted a game night the week before and she didn't think anyone would be interested in doing it again so soon. So she requested just a quiet night at home with me and her Papa.

I took her out shopping for her birthday the week before so she could pick out what she wanted. What did she want? White fabric to make pillows for her bedroom. I wasn't about to let her stop at a measly couple of yards of fabric, and white to boot, so we shopped on. It was a chore, but somebody had to do it. :)

When the weekend arrived after her Wednesday birthday, I made a completely vegetarian dinner for the 3 of us and the cake of Jenn's choice, which this year was an Oatmeal Cake. She didn't even want a decorated cake!

Much to her surprise, I had also ordered some vegetarian cookbooks I saw her eyeing while we were shopping together, and a DVD and Chinese Checkers that she had on her Amazon wish list.

It was a pleasant birthday celebration, however not near as lively as a 26 year old deserves. But, just like Jenn, she asks for very little and is grateful for what she has. Happy Birthday Jenn. We love you.


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