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Dave was out of town in Atlanta, GA training for a new position with Philips so Jenny and I took advantage of doing all the things we wanted to that we knew Dave wouldn’t want to do if he were home. You know things like eating cereal for supper, keeping the unfinished Christmas decorations out every night until it was finished and watching Hallmark movies. Oh yeah, and going to a ballet.

Neither Jenn nor I had ever been to a ballet before and we chose to begin our ballet repertoires with The Nutcracker performed by the Canadian Ballet. The musical score was of course familiar and wonderfully played by a live orchestra which we could not see from where we sat. I was familiar with the general plot of the ballet, “19th century girl at Christmastime receives a Nutcracker doll for a Christmas gift and dreams of her toy as her boyfriend”. That’s about all I knew of the story line. Although dated from a culture the 21st century no longer embraces, the story line in the Nutcracker is a timele…