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The Visit Part II - Family

Dave and Uncle Larry enjoyed shooting this rifle into some birds. Dave thoroughly enjoyed this trip from the motorcycle ride down and back to being able to shoot right off the front porch.

Aunt Billie taking a rarely seen rest. She's always on the go, but slowed down long enough to sit a spell and chat.

Laurie and Daddy posing for a snapshot. Laurie is holding a rose they sent home with me. It smelled so good. Dad packed us full of goodies for the trip home. Loved the fresh spring water!


Remember the beautiful strawberries we were so anxiously waiting for?

Chippenstein got to it first. I waited to post this picture because Dave wanted me to post a dead chippy lying beside the eaten strawberry. I'm sure any of you who have ever grown a garden and/or dealt with the little robbing theives know how we are feeling about this sight.Thankfully, we have had other strawberries come on where we were the first to access their sweet fruit, but we are in WAR with Chippenstein for each one!