My Favorite Spots

I have a favorite spot in my house. It is sitting in the chaise lounge in the sun room at the back of our house. This is the first place I come to when I get home from work. Dave, Jenny and I will gather in the sun room to unwind, telling each other anecdotes from our day. In the evening, after dinner, I often find myself in this chair catching up on e-mails or Facebook. More recently, this has been my spot for reading and journaling too. I'll cover myself with a quilt or afghan and type away as thoughts come to me and I try to capture what it is I am feeling. I have found that God speaks to me while I do this as I am quieting myself enough to focus on these thoughts and scriptures that God brings to mind.

Sometimes I just sit here and watch the birds outside fly in, fuss with each other, or just sit in a tree and sing. Every so often we are blessed to catch movement in the woods behind our house which often signals deer. Then a call goes out to whoever is in the house .."DEER!" and we all get to a window to try and catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures.

One night, not too long ago, I was already lying in bed trying to go to sleep. It was a warm night, and the windows were open to beckon a breeze to come in. As I was lying in bed, I thought I heard rain starting to fall. Just about that time, Dave came into the room and softly called for me to look outside our bedroom window. Thankfully our back porch light was on which lit this theater stage beautifully. I carefully positioned myself at the window so as not to disturb the deer just below as Jenny joined me. I almost laughed out loud as I quickly realized the sound of rain I thought I heard earlier was actually the sound of bird seed hitting the ground below the Japanese Maple tree. The deer tipped the bird feeder almost on its side to better position their tongues for easier feeding. As the three of us watched this comical sight, we all recalled that we had thought the birds were eating feverishly after we set out fresh food, as we would discover the feeder always empty the next evening. Never did it occur to any of us that the deer were eating the bird feed!

Finally Dave whispered the question that I had been thinking. "How long are we going to let them eat this? " and " Do we just let them eat it all?" I quickly made a kissing sound which resulted in all three deer scattering into the back yard looking skittish and puzzled. We watched them until they faded into the darkness, just outside the reach of our back porch light. We all went back to where we were before the sighting, with smiles on our faces.

Now that I think about it, I don't have one favorite spot after all. I have spots all over my house that I enjoy. But it isn't so much the piece of furniture I'm sitting on, or the room that I am in. It's the magic in the moments that I experience when I am "there". I am blessed with a loving family, beautiful surroundings and a God that gives me the best seat in the house during a performance He directs.

Wherever God is, and I quiet myself to His voice, His promptings, His blessings,... those are my favorite spots.


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2009

    Hi Mind-

    How lovely to think of God as the director who allows the best seat in the house....loved that!!




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