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My Favorite Spots

I have a favorite spot in my house. It is sitting in the chaise lounge in the sun room at the back of our house. This is the first place I come to when I get home from work. Dave, Jenny and I will gather in the sun room to unwind, telling each other anecdotes from our day. In the evening, after dinner, I often find myself in this chair catching up on e-mails or Facebook. More recently, this has been my spot for reading and journaling too. I'll cover myself with a quilt or afghan and type away as thoughts come to me and I try to capture what it is I am feeling. I have found that God speaks to me while I do this as I am quieting myself enough to focus on these thoughts and scriptures that God brings to mind.

Sometimes I just sit here and watch the birds outside fly in, fuss with each other, or just sit in a tree and sing. Every so often we are blessed to catch movement in the woods behind our house which often signals deer. Then a call goes out to whoever is in the house .."DEER…